Evans Adjei-Ghansah

Tribute by Evans Adjei Ghansah

In 1995, we met at SDA JSS, coming from different primary schools. By the time he came, some of us had finished writing the entrance examination. By a reason unknown to me, he approached me and ask me some question about the exams, because was he going to write his. He went to write and he passed. Before I knew, we became friends. He was a great guy to be with, though he was always like water on fire, his molecules were always in motion. Some few years ago, he told me I was the one that brought him to the church, Rockville, where he served for many years, rising to the position of presiding elder before his demise, and that is a great joy to me. Honestly, I couldn’t remember being the first person that brought him because it is a long time ago.

Robert was a great help to me when I was in senior high school. And when I completed senior high school and returned to Ashaiman from Akosombo, he accomoadated me for sometime. He later got me a job with Emefs construction where he was a worker there himself. I later moved to East Legon and our friendship continued unbated despite the distance.

My last but one conversation with him was about a month to his demise when my son was on admission at 37 military hospital, and it was on phone. I shared an idea with him which he felt it was good and he told me he was going to implement it. He also told me about his health which was of great concern to him. Amidst all that, he was hilarious as usual. Little did I know, that His maker was going to call him into eternity.

Robert, I am mourning you because I can no longer call you on phone or see you physically here on earth again to have a conversation with you. But I am hopeful that you are in a better place, a place of glory, knowing that you will partake of the first resurrection, which is the resurrection to life, and we reunite.

I love you, brother, and you will forever remain in my heart. Robert, da yie.

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